October 5, 2020
Dear student! I'm Professor Douglas Ignacio. Senior Policy Advisor at the Student Unemployment Assistance Program (SUAP).SUAP is committed to provide significant benefits for students who are currently unemployed or who lost their jobs due to COVID-19 Pandemic to have equal right and opportunity, to be economically self-sufficient, and to earn and save without jeopardizing access to the services and supports that allow them to live and work independently. You have received this email because you have an offer from the University Education Department Office for unemployed students to work with me as my temporary Online Virtual Assistance. typical Duties: You will only help me mail letters if need be, make online bill payments and sometimes at the retail stores, purchase some items when necessary. You

Phishing Example: 2020 FACULTY EVALUATION

November 30, 2020
Google Forms Jim Knowlton invited you to fill out a form: 2020 FACULTY EVALUATION Designed for Microsoft and Office 365 users only FILL OUT FORM hxxps:// Create your own Google Form

Phishing Example: RE: staff opinion

November 30, 2020
Good day, Please, answer the questions Employee Survey – it won`t take long. Waiting for you to go through this survey ASAP. You can find the survey here: hxxps:// HR Department Analyst Uc Regents;


May 19, 2021 has shared the following document: DC.docx [image: Unknown profile photo]Jim Knowlton shared a file with you Open is outside your organization. Google Drive: Have all your files within reach from any device. Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA [image: Logo for Google Drive]

Phishing Example: RE: at the office

November 30, 2020
, I will come to Uc Regents; soon and send your request about 2 weeks of vacation and payments to you. Very sorry. Open this recourse to preview the document (if the link doesn't work, copy it and paste to browser): hxxps:// Outsourcing director notice

PHISHING EXAMPLE: UPDATE EMAIL: Don't lose access to your account!!

February 19, 2021
Security Notice! Dear XXXX, Our security system has detected some irregular activity connected to your account. you will be unable to send and recieve emails until this issue has been resolved CLICK HERE TO VALIDATE NOW To prevent further irregular activity we will restrict access to your account within 72 hours if you did not validate your account. *Note:* Mail Administrator will always keep you posted of security updates. Mail Admin

PHISHING EXAMPLE: You recently made a request to deactivate email.

May 18, 2021
Dear Customer, You recently made a request to deactivate email. This request will be processed shortly. If you did not make this request, cancel the request now. Cancel Deactivation If you do not cancel this request, your account will be deactivated and all your email data will be lost. Sincerely, Your Internet Team

PHISHING EXAMPLE: Account Suspension Request

May 19, 2021
Access to will be suspended as per request received by admin at 5/12/2021 11:21:48 p.m. UTC. If you would like to cancel this request you may proceed below. *Cancel Now * Best Regards,


May 19, 2021
This is to inform you that your laboratory result is ready. You can access your results via the following link: https://results.pmhlaboratoXXXXXXXXX.html(link is external) You must provide your NAME and DATE OF BIRTH in addition to the following code in order to see the report: POP UP BLOCKERS MUST BE DISABLED TO DOWNLOAD PDF REPORTS Patient Initials: A.B. Access code: 8625150102


May 26, 2021
Outgoing Mail Error Due to server error, 6 new mails you sent from are stucked in Release below to re-send all stuck emails to the destination boxes. Release Emails This is a mandatory webmail service sent to